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Événements passés et à venir 

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World Ocean Day 2022 - For a global mobilization for the ocean

Wednesday 8 June

1:00-2 PM Paris Time

11:00 AM-12:00 PM GMT


Between the One Ocean Summit, the United Nations Ocean Conference and other international negotiations, 2022 is a rich year for ocean diplomacy.

On the occasion of World Ocean Day, on June 8, the University of Brest (UBO) and its partners invite you to meet the advocates of ocean protection.

Representatives of the Ocean & Climate Platform and early career researchers from the One Ocean University initiative will present their experience in advocating to policy makers.

Researchers in sociology and political science will also share their views on the world of environmental diplomacy.

Come celebrate the ocean with us on June 8, from 1 to 2 pm (CEST).


Presenters & Hosts

  • Marine Lecerf, International Policy Officer, Ocean & Climate PlatformMarie-Morgane Rouyer, PhD student in ecology, One Ocean University Initiative, University of Montpellier

  • Raphaël Bajon, PhD student in ocean physics, One Ocean University Initiative, University of Brest

  • Pierres-Yves Cadalen, Post-doctoral researcher in science policy, University of Brest

  • Romain Le Moal, project officier, University of Brest



Solid Carbon: a Gigaton-scale Climate Solution

Thursday 11 Nov.

9:00-10:30 PM Pacific Time

5:00-6:30 PM UK/Glasgow



It is now well recognized that climate scenarios for Earth to stay within the limits set by the COP21 Paris Agreement must include negative emission technologies to draw down excessive CO2 from the atmosphere on a large scale. The Solid Carbon team will guide you through one of the safest and most durable negative emission technology climate solutions, offshore carbon capture and geological storage in deep ocean basalt rock. This technology has a global scaling potential for sequestering gigatons of CO2 per year. 
You will learn about the technical aspects of modifying and combining existing technologies to enable direct air capture of CO2 in the deep ocean, using sustainable energy on floating platforms, then pump the CO2 into the basaltic ocean crust deep below the ocean and sediments, where over time the CO2 will mineralize and form solid carbonate rock. Social and regulatory acceptance of this climate solution will also be addressed.

Presenters & Hosts


  • ​​Curran Crawford, University of Victoria

  • Ryan Foxall, University of Victoria

  • Rachel Lauer, University of Calgary

  • Heather Norton, University of Victoria

  • Terre Satterfield, University of British Columbia

  • Martin Scherwath, Ocean Networks Canada

  • Benjamin Tutolo, University of Calgary

  • Romany Webb, Columbia University



Gossip with Whales: Exploring Ocean Science through Applied Theatre

Tue 9 Nov.

6:30-8:00 PM Pacific Time  

Wed 10 Nov.

10:30 AM – Noon Philippines Time



Join us in the Virtual Ocean Pavilion at the Climate Conference for this unique live event and performance of 4 new choral compositions, Corals Crawl, To the Pacific, Gossip with Whales and Bamboo Stilts. Inspired and guided by applied theatre director and UVic PhD graduate Dennis Gupa—recent ONC/Fine Arts Artist-in-Residence—this event is the fruition of a unique collaboration between ocean science and the arts, which has drawn on Tanaga, a Filipino traditional lyrical artform, and insights into current challenges for our oceans collected during his time at ONC. 
Dennis, along with a panel of artists, performers and scientists, will share the stories and meanings behind these interdisciplinary compositions. You will be invited to participate by sharing your impressions of each new original composition. You will also be able to submit your comments and questions to shape the discussion. 

Presenters & Hosts

  • Jeremiah Carag, tenor vocalist

  •  Karla Comanda, poet, lyricist, playwright

  •  Dennis Gupa, applied theatre practitioner, ONC’s 2nd artist in residence

  •  Thai-Hoa Le, actor and baritone vocalist

  •  Roijin Suarez, choral and ensemble director

  •  Darren Vega, composer and conductor

  • Allana Lindgren, acting dean, UVic Fine Arts

  • Taylor Brook, postdoc, UVic School of Music


Bahari Huru Festival: Artist Talks

Oct. 14 2021

8:00-9:30 AM Pacific

6:00-7:30 PM Mombasa 5:00-6:30 PM CEST


In celebration of our shared ocean and the launch of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030, Jukwaa Arts, in collaboration with Ocean Networks Canada and #VirtualBlueDecade present…


“Bahari Huru Artist Talks”


Join us for this unique live virtual event, which is part of the Bahari Huru Festival happening in Mombasa, Kenya. “Bahari Huru” means “Ocean Free from Pollution.” Caroline Ngorobi, along with a panel of artists and performers, will share a delightful taste of their work and the ideas behind it. You will be invited to participate through comments and questions to shape the discussion. 


The Bahari Huru Festival brings together artists and communities to advocate for a litter free ocean.



Virtual dialogue: Coastal Environmental Justice: Next Steps

Sept. 2 2021

03:00 PM COT

(Bogotá / Lima time GMT - 5)

01:00 PM PDT

08:00 PM GMT

10:00 PM CEST


The Observatory for Coastal Marine Governance of Colombia in alliance with Virtual Blue Decade will carry out the virtual discussion on coastal environmental justice. The steps that have been taken in coastal environmental justice and how these have revolved around blue economy projects will be discussed. Furthermore, as the first generation of projects, it is focused (collectively) in a similar way to the patterns we adopt on earth: local communities are the last to know what is happening to their resources. In this issue a key question arises: How do we turn? Which leads us to think that we have to invest with integrity. An investment system with the local population at the top must be created

On the other hand, most governments do not have a policy to protect their coastal populations. Therefore, it is needed to face challenges such as climate change, from now on, together with governments, and create plans to protect and respect all coastal communities.



  •  Dr. Heidi Weiskel. Scientific advisor to the World Environmental Law Alliance


  • Dr. Lina Malagón. Advisor to the Observatory for Coastal Marine Governance and director of the Marine Justice and International Law Research Group.



Virtual dialogue:

"Learn about the conservation of sea turtles and remote beaches"

June 17 2021

03:00 PM COT

(Bogotá / Lima time GMT - 5)

01:00 PM PDT

08:00 PM GMT

10:00 PM CEST


The Observatory for Marine and Coastal Governance and Virtual Blue Decade held a series of virtual events in 2021 that aim to achieve these goals:


  • Raise awareness about the role of the oceans in our lives and the consequences of our actions on them.

  • Disseminate good practices for the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

  • Bring marine science to a diverse audience through a friendly language.


On June 17, 2021 at 3 pm (Bogotá / Lima time GMT - 5) the virtual dialogue "learn about the conservation of sea turtles and remote beaches" will be held, in alliance with the Coastal Systems Research Group, the CORIACEA Foundation and the PROPLAYAS Ibero-American Network.



  • Camilio Botero, Coastal Systems Research Group and PROPLAYAS Network.

  • Amalia Cano-Castañol, CORIACEA Foundation.

  • Harry Samir Mosquera Ibarguen, Los Riscales de Nuquí Afro-descendant Community Council.

  • Leison Darwin Palma, Head of the Acandí, Playón and Playona Wildlife Sanctuary Protected Area.


  • Ana Lucia Maya Aguirre. Observatory for Coastal Marine Governance



Ocean Art, Ocean Science:

How 3 artists are using science to express care for the ocean

June 11 2021

10:30-12:00 PDT

18:30-20:00 BST


In celebration of World Ocean Week and the launch of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030, #VirtualBlueDecade, the University of Victoria Faculty of Fine Arts and Ocean Networks Canada present…

“Ocean Art, Ocean Science: How 3 artists are using science to express care for the ocean”


Join us for this unique #SciArt conversation from the perspective of three multidisciplinary artists working with ONC at the intersection of ocean art and science.



  • Colton Hash, visual and data artist, ONC’s first Artist in Residence

  • Dennis Gupa, applied theatre director, ONC’s second Artist in Residence

  • Jol Thoms, visual artist, sound designer and researcher, creator of Transmitting Care in Oceans installation on ONC’s deep-ocean neutrino observatory P-ONE


  • Julia Jung


Our artists will explore ideas related to ways of observing and knowing, inter-relationality and care for the oceans. You will be invited to participate by sharing your impressions of featured works by each artist. You can also submit your comments and questions to shape the conversation. 


The ocean has many stories to tell. Join us to co-create new stories of our ocean’s future.


L'avenir de la politique de conservation du milieu marin :

quelles ambitions pour l'agenda international de l'océan ?

25 mars 2021

16h30 CET
08h30 PDT
11h30 EDT
10h30 COT
15h30 GMT


Après une décennie 2010-2020 des Nations Unies consacrée à la biodiversité, 2021 promet d'être une année décisive pour la conservation mondiale de l’océan, dont l'avenir sera façonné par deux événements majeurs : le Congrès mondial de la nature de l'Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature (UICN) et la Conférence des Nations Unies sur la biodiversité (COP 15). Cette ambitieuse COP déterminera le Cadre mondial de la biodiversité pour l'après-2020. Ce wébinaire abordera la conservation de la biodiversité océanique dans les négociations à venir. Les membres de l'UICN ont activement préparé ces événements. Trois sujets principaux sont abordés dans les 109 motions adoptées par l'UICN en préparation du Congrès mondial de la nature : les recommandations sur la protection des espèces et des écosystèmes menacés, le soutien aux politiques et stratégies pour une protection plus efficace de la biodiversité, et la mise en œuvre d'actions plus fortes contre la pression anthropique sur la nature. Chaque motion a été approuvée par les membres de l'UICN, qui représentent à la fois les États et les ONG nationales.


Avec des intervenants représentant une grande diversité d'acteurs (UICN, CDB, NOAA, WWF), ce wébinaire sera l'occasion de mieux comprendre les aspects océan du processus de négociation, des motions de l'UICN à la préparation de la COP 15. Comment les différents acteurs prennent-ils part au processus - et comment les négociations internationales fonctionnent-elles réellement ? Quels sont les messages qu'ils apporteront à la COP 15 ? Quels sont les principaux enjeux du Cadre mondial pour la biodiversité ? Et, enfin mais non des moindres, comment la pandémie mondiale a-t-elle marqué la préparation de ces événements ?

Modératrices :

  • Yuna Sellami

  • Louise Ras

Intervenant.e.s :

  • Minna Epps : Directrice du Programme mondial marin et polaire (GMPP), UICN (Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature)

  • Joseph Appiott : Coordinateur des programmes biodiversité marine, littoraux et insulaire, Secrétariat de la Convention sur la diversité biologique (CDB), PNUE 

  • John Armor : Directeur, Agence nationale américaine des sanctuaires marins, NOAA's National Ocean Service, Secrétariat du Partenariat des Agences d’aires marines protégées (MPAAP)

  • Jessica Battle, Experte en gouvernance et politique de l'océan, responsable de l'initiative contre l'exploitation minière des grands fonds marins, WWF

La table ronde d'une heure sera suivie d'une demi-heure d'échanges privilégiés avec les intervenants. Préparez vos questions et rejoignez-nous le 25 mars prochain !


Ce webinaire vous est proposé par l'Office français de la biodiversité et l'Initiative Ocean University ; il sera disponible en français 🇨🇵 et en anglais 🇬🇧.


North-South Dialogue for a Sustainable Ocean

26 février 2021

07:00-08:00 PST

16:00-17:00 CET

15:00-16:00 GMT


Our well-being depends on a healthy ocean. It always has. It always will. Pressures on the ocean are intense and growing – but we know recovery is possible. Crucially, a healthy ocean holds the solutions to many of the world’s challenges. And cooperation between countries of the Global North and the Global South is key -- after all, we share one ocean.


In response, the leaders of 14 countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Norway, Palau and Portugal) recently announced a new ocean action agenda for sustainably managing 100% of national waters.


Join us for this unique North-South dialogue to learn more about this ocean action agenda from the contrasting perspectives of the Global North and the Global South. Our distinguished panel includes:



  • Robert Blasiak, Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

  • Olanike Adeyemo, Professor of Aquatic Epidemiology and Toxicology Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships), University of Ibadan

  • Kwasi Appeaning Addo, Director of the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS) at the University of Ghana 

  • Rashid Sumaila, Director of the Fisheries Economics Research Unit, University of British Columbia, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries


  • Kim Juniper

  • Ibukun Adewumi

You will learn about 5 key transformations needed for a sustainable ocean, and 5 key building blocks that will enable them. You will also be invited to participate by submitting your questions and answering polls to shape the conversation. 


The ocean has a story to tell. And it’s different than you might think. Join us to help create the story of our ocean’s future.

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